Utah Foot Zone Association

Changing lives one foot at a time

The Utah Foot Zone Association

is dedicated to provide the opportunity for Foot Zone Practitioners in Utah to qualify as professionals in

accordance with Utah State Law, to further the welfare of our profession and provide opportunities for the Foot

Zone community to gather together for mutual edification.


We are a non-profit association (501-C) brought together by several schools of the Foot Zone Industry as an organization of common ground to foot zone schools and a place of unity and support for each certified foot zone practitioner.  In 2014 schools of this association established minimum standards of requirements to assure certified foot zone practitioners in the state of Utah meet the professional standards to protect the public.  Minimum standards for the Utah Foot Zone Association have been established, although, many schools may require additional hours, classes and professional standards for foot zone certification that are comparable to other therapeutic industries.

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Register with the Utah Foot Zone Association to be listed as a Practitioner or School that is certified to practice foot zoning in the state of Utah.

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