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 Amber Jensen - Chair

Amber Jensen is a Certified Foot Zone Therapist by the late Dr. Charles Ersdal, Father of Foot Zone Therapy.  She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified through Dr. Weissman as a LifeLine Technique Practitioner of a kinesiologically-based system to address energy healing.  She also has extensive training and/or research and studies in herbs, TMC, and gem therapy. Amber is an international speaker/educator of foot zone therapy, along with energy healing, and has been teaching for nearly 30 years.

Amber is the Co-Owner/Founder of Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy.  She is the author of the WLZ Foot Zone Technique, Anatomy and Physiology books, online foot zone and anatomy instruction, and the Gentle Healing Technique.  Together, Amber and her business partner Sharla Pearce, created an unprecedented foot zone course that works for both in-class and online students throughout the world  that champions everything they wished they had in this industry when they were students.  Amber has discovered over 100 new foot zone signals, which has vamped up the healing process for clients in this industry.  She has generously shared many of these signals with the Foot Zone Community during Foot Zone Conferences. 

Amber and many others came together in support of Trudy Thurgood’s and Representative Green’s HB207, exempting the Foot Zone Industry of needing a massage license to practice in the state of Utah.  This did require all Foot Zone Practitioners to be certified through a school and association recognized by DOPL.  Amber was a founding member of Utah’s first Foot Zone Association, the UFZA, a non-profit organization.  These Founders were instrumental in establishing UFZA policies and procedures for this industry and many schools, ensuring high standards of schools, and Certified Foot Zone Practitioners.  Amber became the membership clerk in 2014 for 2 years.  And in 2019 she was asked to come back to serve as Chairman Elect, until 2020, when she was elected Chairman by the UFZA members.

After extensive doctor visits, and several years of combating health conditions, Amber was introduced to this industry by a foot zone practitioner, who was one of Dr. Ersdal’s first students here in the United State.  “I couldn’t believe my amazing results and quick recovery back to health with such a simplistic technique.  I realized that because this was such a powerful technique for me, I could never leave it alone, and had to learn everything about it.  I have been blessed to further the work of foot zone therapy in ways I could never have imagined.  I love working with clients, and students, as well as the UFZA.  All of it brings me such great joy to see lives change through the foot zone technique and industry.”

Amber is a Montana native, with a Montana heart, transplanted in the beautiful state of Utah. And it’s rare to catch her with shoes on her feet.  She believes “a happy smile is a curve that can set most anything straight.” She married her college sweetheart, Douglas Jensen in 1985.  They are very blessed parents of 6 fabulous children, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, and 12 grandbabies.

 Stephanie Larrabee - Chair Elect

Stephanie is a wife, mother of 10, grandma to 11, and an entrepreneur. She has spent the past several years becoming a Certified Natural Health Counselor, Certified Nutrition Autoimmune Specialist, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Foot Zone Practitioner, Master Herbalist and Yoga Instructor.

Having dealt with her own health challenges and trauma throughout her life, she is now reaching out to serve and help others ready to heal by teaching about the foundations needed to balance the body and heal. This includes talking about Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Mindfulness, & body work such as massage therapy or foot zoning. Giving simple and easy ways to implement this and looking at what things could be blocking progress.

Stephanie has also spent the last couple of years really studying and understanding starting and running a business and learning from seasoned mentors on how to make her business stand out and flourish. She is taking this knowledge to share with others in a business market that can be difficult to navigate.

 Tammi Sumsion - Membership Clerk

Tammi Sumsion Spent 19 Years As A Respiratory Therapist Working In The Hospital And Homecare.   Tammi Has Had Many Opportunities To Learn During Her Career Where She Served As A Staff Therapist, Clinical Director, Policy And Procedures Director, Lymphedema Specialist, First Aid And CPR Instructor.  Healing Has Always Been A Part Of Tammi’s Life.  Growing Up In A Family Where Her Grandfather Was The Coach For The Local First Aid Teams In Wyoming And Was Always Sought Out By The Locals For Medical Help Until A Doctor Arrived.  She Loves Learning About The Human Body And Believes That Healing Happens When We Look At The Body As A Whole, Not Just Physically, But Mentally, Emotionally And Spiritually 

After Being Around Foot Zoning On A Weekly Basis After Her Son’s Diagnosis With Autism She Became Certified In April 2017.  Learning The Modality Of Foot Zoning Has Been A Great Blessing In Her Life As Well As Her Family And Friends Lives.  Her Passion Is To Help Others In Their Healing Process And Overall Well-Being Through Holistic Means And Has Seen Great Benefits With Foot Zoning.

Her greatest joy comes from her family.  She is married with 3 children (2 sons and 1 daughter) and lives in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.

 Amber Gunnell - Legal Liaison

Amber Gunnell is a licensed massage therapist of over 20 years (1999).  Her areas of specialty include, Foot Zoning (as a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner through Wellness Life Zone), Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger), Herbology (certified Herbalist), and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

She has trained in and studied many other energy modalities and holistic therapies over the years.  She is a massage and foot zone instructor, and is currently training new massage therapists at Healing Mountain Massage School and as an apprentice trainer.  She also teaches and has taught many various natural health classes including herbal safety and uses, fertility awareness, and natural healing over the years.  She has also been a doula and enjoyed assisting many women in the miracle of child birth.  

Amber is married to her best friend and chiropractor husband since 1994.  They have 4 children and live in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

 Jana Horton - Treasurer

Jana is our current Treasurer.  Jana grew up in Utah has 3 teenagers and resides in Riverton.

She has been foot zoning since 2018.

She has ran the accounting department for a large trucking company as well as had her own small payroll company.

In her free time she likes to do anything with her kids, travel, garden, learn and watch soccer. 

 Tamara Wilcox - Secretary

Tamara was born and raised in the Ogden, Utah area and lived in Plano, Texas as a teen as well.  She went to LDS Business College and graduated in Administrative Assisting.  She met her husband while working in Salt Lake City; and then moved everywhere her husband’s employment, the U.S. Army, sent them.  10 years later they settled in Tooele, Utah. 

She’s been interested in natural healing methods since she was a teen and she received her first foot zone in 1999.  After that experience, she looked forward to the day when she could learn this amazing modality.

The opportunity came to her town in 2015 when she began classes and graduated the next year. Later that year, she learned about another school and took their full course as well, graduating with them in 2017.

Tamara values education tremendously and thoroughly enjoys continual learning about Anatomy and Physiology and how it pertains to the Foot Zone so she is able to add value to other people's lives by helping them in their journey toward healing and health. 

 Christine Christensen - Education

Christine is the co-founder of the Academy of Foot Zone.  She and her partner Kathy Duvall created a full curriculum and four textbooks, which laid the foundation for building the academy. The academy offers classes and home-study classes with the goal of working internationally. They also provide monthly educational calls, instructor certification and advanced classes through annual conferences. Christine and Kathy are dedicated to providing exceptional education with a focus on experiential learning.

Christine has practiced and studied Foot Zone therapy for over twenty years. She currently lives and practices in Washington state while traveling to other states to teach and promote Foot Zone.  She devotes full-time to promoting and practicing Foot Zone and overall wellness and vitality. 

Prior to her work in Foot Zone, Christine graduated with Honors from Utah State University, where she studied Philosophy, and worked post bachelorette as a Student Advisor and Interim Director of Multicultural Student Services for eight years. Prior to her formal education, Christine created Lighthouse Presentations, a program for empowering and instilling self-esteem and awareness in youth. Through her work with Student Services and Lighthouse Presentations, she learned firsthand the power of positive thought and listening with love and how these influence the outcome of the healing process; this in turn guided her towards the healing arts.

Jeanne Harold - Member At Large

Ginger Williams - Member At Large

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